Monday, 9 August 2010

thanks to Beautiful Silks

yes, in know, twice in one day already...but exciting stuff!

thanks to Beautiful Silks i've had the luxurious indulgence of
freehand cutting into a tube of pure silk velvet today
[Marion kindly sent me some a while ago
that had a hint of transit damage]

inspired by a combination of Julian Roberts' subtraction cutting
combined with some other folding techniques gathered along the way
by the crossover apron pattern first shown me by my friend Jenni Worth
[who will be my glamorous assistant at the 'enfoldments' retreat in September]

for another amusing news might like to [metaphorically speaking]
hop across the ditch by clicking here


  1. Meinen Kommentar in Deutsch:
    Ihre Seiten sind einfach wunderbar, herzliche Gratulation für so wunderbare Ideen. Jetzt musste ich ihr Buch bestellen, auch wenn nur sehr wenig englisch verstehe...

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  2. congret. with your price!


  3. danke Brigitte, fuer die netten worte!

    and Yvette, it's pure chance that my cloth got into 'wow'...i sent it as a present to my friend Susan, who made it into a dress and entered it and then VERY kindly mentioned where the cloth came from

  4. dontcha love chance?! i can't imagine what it's like to dip into that velvet! wonderful.

  5. it's a bit like cutting into whipped cream...
    for the moment, anyway
    come tomorrow evening it'll be a horse of a very different colour indeed

  6. this look totally decadent,

    like you are doing something almost wicked.
    I hope you are wearing diamonds,

    or nude, or playing opera or something equally exotic while cutting.

  7. how intriging this cutting is, no waste! i'am looking forward to the results and the colours. Now off to the link as I understand one of your cloths is in the WOW! Wow...

  8. much too cold for nudity [besides turning the stomachs of young persons in the vicinity]
    don't have any diamonds
    merely fending off a marauding furrball [who thinks she's a squirrel] with one hand whilst cutting with t'other
    but it's still fun!

    and Dorie, i'm certainly not the only one out there using 'no waste' cutting [google the phrase and you'll see lots of amazing stuff, there are some very talented cutters and 'geometricians' out there]. it's an amusing experiment
    but usually i don't mind having to cut bits away
    otherwise i'd never have any scraps to add to those felt 'landskins'
    guess it depends what we mean by 'waste' WW2 no waste meant using the minimum quantity of cloth to make clothes

    whereas i'm being a bit greedy with the quantity here.

  9. Are you messin with my mind?
    I click on the link to Julian and the website is only open on wednesdays 10 - 8. And then the other site has tantalising descriptions but NO PICTURES! is this another version of time is my friend?

  10. sorry Pam, pix not permitted until they finish the judgy bit sometime in September
    and Julian Roberts likes to keep the whirled on its toes
    [but such fun when you DO get in...]

  11. I agree with you, no waste (or however you'll name it) is as old to way at Rome. I have found some celtic patterns, very nice. And having scraps gives a lot of playfull material. But it is interesting what kind of shape is growing from the way you had cut this piece....

  12. you have just reminded me....I need to buy some beautiful silk velvet!

  13. Wow, I just checked out Julian Roberts and downloaded the free book! what a head opener-up-er! I never studied fashion or textiles, I am completely self-taught (knitting business for 40 years) I trained in ceramics and 3-d design, so my teachers have been Vogue patterns and various wonderful old knitting books, plus what I picked up along the way from mentors, clients, and friends .. this is so exciting, what an amazing guy. and a free download ...
    yet again, India, thank you so much for all I am learning from your blog!
    and thank you for all the beautiful things I see on here through your eyes too ..