Sunday, 15 August 2010

not as famous as Cher but a much briefer break

strangely things seem to be back to normal here
after the extreme weirdnesses of the other day
due to the extraordinary influx of supportive mail [thanks folks]
and to my mother
who grumbled that she wouldn't get to read travel stories any more
and the fact that a couple of brave souls signed up to follow the breadcrumb trail
even though i'd signed off

i'm back
like Cher and Cat Stevens and Mohammed Ali
except i shan't be punching anybody and i'll keep my singing private

i can hear the time vampire licking its lips already

a couple of notes. first of all, before Elaine Lipson sues me for using the two words
'slow' and 'cloth' consecutively in a sentence
the article the phrase appears in [about Yvonne Dalton] was written months ago
but has only just been published. read it here if you like

and in case you hadn't made it to where i was keeping the home fires stoked
you might like to pop across to read about a worldwide project
for which i am just now planting the seeds
[dreamed up especially for those who, like me,  enjoy the confluence of stitching, dyeing and wandering]
and if you're interested in joining in, please send an email to the address on the page
i'll be gathering the list of names and submitting them
to encourage my publisher to support the project


  1. Good. It's easier to find you here.

  2. Fangs kiddo, sometimes it is worth complaining complaining complaining... ...

  3. you made me laugh with those 2 words in one sentence, i always qualify it as well. I've just given you a little publicity over at my place, kaiteyarngarden. hooroo, kaite

  4. India, you are be-bopping-a-doo-whopping it all over the place! but HOOOORAAAAY for HERE!!!!

  5. I'm really taken by Yvonne Dalton's discovery! I'm going to try this on my lichen covered fruit trees.

    I agree with those who have already commented - for me the blog is best.

  6. Glad you're back here! Your project sounds wonderful and I'm tempted to throw my name in, but as an absolute beginner in this stitching/dyeing world I think I'd be a bit out of my depth...and of course, living in the most isolated capital city in the world doesn't help. But I'll be looking out for the book!

  7. dear Mermaid
    i've never turned away a beginner from a class yet
    and this project won't be 'exclusive' in that regard either
    and if more people want to be part of it than would fit into one book
    there's always the possibility of creating a web-archive...
    nor have i forgotten the west....
    pondering possibilities
    thanks for swinging by

  8. well, whatEVER happened here, i'm glad it's safe again. means i don't have to totally learn a new habit...and the possibilities in this new project...

  9. yay!

    I'm so pleased that I'll be able to continue reading all the good stuff in this environment..... so - now that 'morning has broken' and 'I've got you babe' I feel that once again I'll be able to 'float like a butterfly...' (but hopefully not sting like a bee.....)

    cheers from sams creek

  10. Glad things are working better. The article was great!

  11. wow. Your comment about me is completely uncalled for.

  12. It should be perfectly obvious that my comment was not about you as a person Elaine, it was clarifying that the article [which does indeed contain that particular phrase] had been submitted to Hand Eye before it was public that you were granted the trade-mark.

    Given the legal considerations implied by the act of trade-marking I wanted it to be clear that there was no deliberate infringement.

    Furthermore, your trademarking of the words 'slow' and 'cloth' in combination has had me going through my current manuscript with a fine tooth comb to ensure that I haven't inadvertently used it there either.