Monday, 2 August 2010

mixing metaphors

what i'm working on right now
reflection in a puddle outside the studio

random harvest in car boot - includes vegetables from Barossa Market
pattern from the thrift store
and windfalls from the market carpark [Eucalyptus sargentii, i think]
where i'd rather be right now
today's been a bit of a challenge..

and i'm not at all sure about this Zemanta thing, it entirely stuffs up
the layout of my page

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  1. I'm going to have to find magnifying glasses if you keep this up.

  2. something about the formatting went nuts and wouldn't let me change the text size
    frustrating ain't the word.

  3. Blogger - a mind of its own.
    My car is always full of good finds too.

  4. i haven't had the guts to even mess a little with blogger, as i fear it will mess my things up. simple is for me, chicken that i am.

  5. Fabulous photo of the puddle. Can't begin to figure out what is being reflected but therein lies the magic!

    BTW what is Zemanta?

  6. can't help you on the technology front but boy do i love the top image!

  7. layouts don't get me started India. :)
    but still, photo's go so well together.

  8. ...not everyone would willingly divulge the contents of their car trunk...good stash in yours.

    That barn looks akin to ones on the North American prairies...

  9. the barn is somewheres on the West Coast [US]

    and Zemanta is a thingy offered on blogger that trawls for links as you type away at your post
    ufortunately when you say yes to installing Zemanta it doesn't warn you that it's about to take over the formatting of pages

    the moral is be careful who you let in the front door [remember what happened when Buffy's little sister invited the vampires in...]

  10. well i hadn't even noticed while i sit here squinting to see what's happening in this interesting collection of photos....