Thursday, 12 August 2010


it would appear that i've been hacked.
i haven't the time to sort it out
so shall exit stage left

thanks folks, for signing up and being friendly co-travellers along the way
[all 400 of you]
i'll be moving my rantings and ramblings
a little closer to home

they'll appear somewhere on my website
and you can email me through the contact page
if you wish to stay in touch

in due course
may take a couple of days to get organised there
and wafflings may not be as frequent as before
bear with me

happy trails....


  1. Oh India, this is so NOT good. I'm hating the idea of you losing 2 years of posts and responses here so before you depart & put up the closed sign permanently, might you consider saving all for posterity by having a hardcover blog book printed of all that was entered here??? Several blog pals have done this with much successs...and then all this important information will not be lost forever. If this is of any interest, email me and I will send you the links to sites that do this. I've been told it's EASY.

    So sorry about all this....

  2. Oh what a bummer! Commiserations.

  3. thanks for the kind thought, Sweetpea - there's so much stuff here that the un-edited book version would cost me squillions...and besides, they've stuffed up my headers! well, at my end, anyway
    the fragments will still take up space on the web
    and i have my notes and scribbles elsewhere
    the malicious one's won't stop me writing!

  4. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but we'll keep in touch!


  5. how horrible, but how do you know? what has happened? it sounds ghastly. i'll come & visit you on your website...k.

  6. goddammit, india, what a horror. i like you last comment: the malicious ones won't stop me writing. atta girl!

  7. Sorry to see you stop. I have noticed your web site has been updated. Please keep in touch. I enjoy your humor and outlook very much. Not to mention your art work.

  8. Hey India, your blog looks normal to me!

  9. So very sorry to read this India....
    Im having some trouble posting comments that come via email...its more complicated than I was beginning to wonder what's happening.
    Plus more people using the blog for spam.
    Nothing is looking different from last week at your blog.... and you have managed to post. Are you archives gone?
    Your blog posts are priceless... and so utterly irreplaceable.
    is here not way to retrieve... am I so naive?
    best to you,

  10. I can't imagine what happened but it sounds evil and will be missed.....

  11. wait - what happened? I just found you and I can't see anything wrong. Don't go 'way, I think I love you!

  12. thanks everyone for your kindly responses. it looks normal now but this morning was completely skewed [and not just on my laptop] and some really strange stuff was happening
    it makes sense to wander off on a bit of a high
    and begin to create new pages over at
    at least it will all be under one umbrella
    hope you'll find time to swing by
    [give me a couple of days to plump the cushions and fill the vases with fresh flowers]

  13. Hi India,
    I posted a comment yesyerday but it didn,t seem to go through-how awful all this is. I ,like the others , hope all is not lost of your postings and that they are wandering there for us to find again. Too much to lose!