Sunday, 8 August 2010

another glimpse

can't show the rest of that dress just yet
but here's another detail
the string was twined from the same cloth as the dress
and serves to change the shape
as required
now i have to go and make 8 more dresses
sending a 9patch of them
off into the whirled at the end of the month
so i'm cutting and sewing
and hovering over the cauldron
a good warm place to be
in the southern winter


  1. I am totally intrigued by that glimpse of the dress... the subtle, crinkled earth tones with the braiding and the all important white just creates a cauldron of dyes and potions

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of this amazing garment; it looks like a glimpse of the divine!

  3. Twining cloth.............. must try that.
    Have fun at your cauldron!

  4. This is a ***warm*** photo. I mean, I do feel warmth in those folds & creases & furrows of fabric - blues with umbers.

    Cannot imagine making 8 (9?) dresses! The whirled is going to be richer.

  5. Ok, then... waiting for the BIG picture! -J

  6. looks like this magical dress has many faces, and nine of them! spectacular!
    i like the strip twining, too.

  7. can't wait for more details of these dresses. they seem like the most magical garments!

  8. I make my dresses with strings and pieces, and although mine I really not fit for selling:) I like wearing them, wearing things made the way I like them. maybe because they are just the way they are.
    The photo in the post before is breathtaking too, the dress looks lovely. looking forward to seeing the whole dress the day you are ready to post them.

  9. is the completion of 3 months with
    Jude's workshops. I have had Eco Colour all
    that time but would just sit on the porch in
    the evening looking at pictures.
    NOW..time to get to work. am thinking this
    desert must be bountiful.
    thank you so much for coming by windthread and
    noticing my little cloth line, and the
    black and white dog. i will always send a
    thought flying for yours each time i pet her.
    they never really leave, i don't think.

  10. i'm never really sure what 'fit for selling' is, Elis, but i do tell the nice people who sometimes buy things that i will endeavour to mend if pieces part company. so far nobody has requested that...
    and the twining was taught me by the lovely Nalda Searles years ago when i was on my way to an airport....the plane was delayed but i didn't mind as i happily twined string as i waited