Saturday, 3 July 2010

the textile blog

John Hopper of The Textile Blog has kindly mentioned my work on his pages - it's an honour to be among such illustrious company

do swing by for a visit [make sure you have a few spare hours and a cup of tea]
there are lots of interesting links to follow...

and here's an orphan
found towards the end of the workshop
dyed [so far as i can tell]
using a combination of
purple-leaved Agonis flexuosa
[from the florist's garbage]
a scrap of iron, a maple leaf
and some onion skins


  1. Congratulations! I really enjoyed the article and wonderful images of your work!

  2. Just found your work through The Textile Blog, I love what you're doing! it's been a dream of mine to use natural pigments with my block prints. Your work such an inspiration!

  3. Had a lovely time following some of the paths over on the Textile Blog...and I always enjoy seeing the magic cloths that appear here.

    We used to sell Agonis f. (a burgundy leaved form) at the nursery in California where I used to work. Gorgeous small tree with a weeping habit. I had forgotten all about it till now. That must be their long, thin leafage in the above photo. Definitely magic!

  4. How could such a beautiful thing be unclaimed?

  5. Very nice article...He really loves your work! I found it this morning and smiled all the way through. Perhaps your orphan was a secret gift.

  6. I went to John Hopper's blog and he did a beautiful job of featuring you and your work-- such beautiful images and what a wonderful writeup - much deserved.

  7. Congratulations on John Hopper's blog! What a wonderful and appreciative article on your work. The images are so beautiful. You never cease to amaze!

  8. I am a Luddite;I write with a pen,so whether the complicated process I have just gone through enables me to speak to you or not, I don't know.
    Your book is the most beautiful book I have seen for years,possibly for ever.I love the notebook facsimiles and scattered leaves; it reminds me of the local wool textile trade,when the mills would stick the weaving and printing samples into old leather bound accounts ledgers.I have some,yet to use,off the junk market.
    Have not got the hang of hapa-zome,but will keep trying,and hope to get some dye parcels started before the sun goes away.My friend is about to cut down a eucalyptus.
    You are inspirational,please try to come to do another workshop in England- we are seriously deprived of beauty,especially in the damp dark North! Best wishes,may your sojourns with nature be long and happy.

  9. blessed borofelter...thank you for your kind remarks. I am deeply touched that you should have bothered to negotiate the horrors of having to establish a profile in the ether so as to send a virtual pigeon. sadly i can't respond directly [as i don't have an email for you] but i'd be happy to if you'd care to cling a line through the contact page on my website [if you've already done that i shall respond in a quieter moment in the travels]

    i'll be in England next year, the plan is for a workshop/retreat in the Forest of Dean...perhaps our paths will intersect...