Monday, 5 July 2010

more Montreal musings

best meal in Montreal
spinach salad [with chipotle peanuts, smoked blue cheese, grape tomatoes, goddess dressing and cajun seasoning]
prepared by The Precious
in the helltell icebucket
served in gelato containers saved from SOMA
[in Toronto, go there]
and eaten using nifty stainless steel chopstix
[that double as felting tools]
acquired on Stockton in San Francisco
that's my laptop cover serving as table cloth

wool fragment dyed with
windfalls gathered on the Mo[u]nt
silver and sugar maples
and some oak leaves [not shown]
wrapped around that nice dogspike found in New Orleans
on the tracks down by the Mississippi

here's what we're going to do next



  1. i'll bet that salad was absolutely delicious. and home will be, too.
    i hear ravens arguing in the woods. might be with crows, they're posturing like crazy.
    i can still feel that magical textile on my shoulders.
    wishing you safe travels without travails.

  2. I agree ... but always keeping the wheeeeel spinning. -J

  3. There is no place like Home. Have a safe journey glad your wanderings crossed my path.
    Tell Precious she could always open an upscale tapas restaurant if she doesn't become a vet.
    PS I'll bet that was the Steve Allen Show..ahhh Ray! The word Icon was made for you.

  4. That salad sounds divine....might have to have her make it again to go with the fish tacos! Safe travels back into CA.

  5. What a wonderful suprise to find this on your blog I was listening to a late night/early morning BBC radio and this was played, childhood memories came flooding back...So to see this was lovely....

    Wishing you a safe and exciting journey ~ Julie