Thursday, 3 June 2010

still [metaphorically] splashing about in the sea

The Leafy Sea Dragon Festival to be held in autumn of next year has announced a project for the event
for which they have very kindly appointed me as Artist in Residence
I'll be working together with members of the community
to create a series of plant-dyed silk flags with which we shall enliven the streets
best of all
we'll be holding a week of dyeing, followed by a lovely big sewing circle
that will fill a whole weekend
to make a big stitched cloth that will [we hope] have a little something from each person's garden bringing colour to it

more information to be had here


  1. oh, by the way
    did you ever used rhubarbleaves?
    they are soo retty when layed outside for a while
    i thought i might give it a try with cotton?

  2. South Australia in the autumn sounds good..

  3. rhubarb leaves [and stalks] are an extremely useful co-mordant where the water is alkaline or slightly salty...i put them into the dyebath before adding eucalyptus when i'm teaching in places where the water is 'hard'. eucalyptus is VERY sensitive to pH. Oxalis pes-caprae [aka soursob or bermuda buttercup] work just as well ...and they're a weed!

  4. india, you will laugh--you wrote fall and i was laughing at myself when i saw the spring dates. this opposite side of the earth stuff is confusing! anyway, i want to be there! ha!

  5. AHA! i will add my rhubarb to the eucalyptus next time!!! our water is VERY VERY hard!

    i wish i could bring *my* "weeds" there and participate....

  6. Got plenty of soursobs if anyone wants them!Sounds lovely, look forward to seeing them, I take it you're at Yank?

  7. THis sounds like a brilliant event in every possible way... so eco friendly like a lot of events arent often... and the oerfect chance for genuine community dialogue...
    Love it Indi!