Sunday, 27 June 2010

feltquilts at shakerag

the quiltfelt landskin class very quickly settled into a splendid
sewing circle
many stories and much laughter
we entrusted ourselves entirely to Mother Nature during both this
and the walk in the woods class held the week before
[with the exception of kudzu and nepal grass, both noxious weeds]
relied on windfalls from the woods
and a few from the kitchens
to colour our cloth
[although some eucalyptus leaves snukkled in from Florida]

no synthetic mordants were used
only leaves and water
some found metal objects [iron and copper]
and a little milk to assist with dyeing linen and cotton

bio-regional colour...

Shakerag took a gamble
inviting a gypsy from across the Big Puddle
to venture into the Tennessee woods
and teach
and the gypsy is very grateful


  1. it does look and sound like much fun was had by all- and what wonderful results-- I am still amazed that such beautiful colors and shapes can be had from nature based stuff

  2. Beautiful. I am just returning after a week by the water with my family. I can't wait to get back to work. The week at Shakerag was such inspiration, on many levels, and it looks like week two was magical as well. Best of luck on your continued travels!

  3. This is so stunning India!
    Wonderful to read that you have all had such a brilliant time.
    I met the lovely Roz on Friday who attended your workshop in NZ and is going to host here soonish!
    Very glad to know you are going to make tracks here and maybe you'd consider coming back again (when I shall have to be ready to participate next time)!
    Colour sing in these works,

  4. Stunning work India. I haven't let my creative juices take me outside my culinary kitchen lately but that might have to change after seeing all the beauty you all have created. I'll be in "the cats" late this week so looking forward to seeing you very soon. We'll explore my oaks, sip margaritas and slowly ease into what ever. XOXO

  5. Gambling has its upside :>]] B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l cloth!

    I have a great yearning for such a sewing circle as one of these...

  6. Bright light that you are, your gypsy moths are grateful as well!

  7. The samples of work are amazing! Sounds like an experience I would love.

  8. Beautiful!
    I love how each piece of the quilt captures a moment of the proces: the gathering, the story of the herbs (and leaves) and the conversation that took place while working.

  9. Having a bout of envy at all those bundles represented and saturated handstitching. India, so happy ur enjoying ur travels and spreading the love around the globe. x

  10. that patchwork is beautiful, that's what i want to make an eco dyed patchwork quilt stitched as they do boro.
    i've spent this whole freezing day studying your book which arrived
    from amazon yesterday.
    i must do a workshop with you.

  11. India, Thank you for a wonderful class. I have been sampling all kinds of plants since I got is such fun and gives me a new appreciation for all those "weeds" I have always loved. I think that anything that makes us look at the world/whirled in a new way is a gift...thank you for sharing that gift with me.