Friday, 12 February 2010

still walking

i tried, believe me i tried, to make those journal pages match up
they're all the same dimension across
i guess blogger makes up it's own mind
how the shopfront should look.
and yes, the last two lines of the last page have a few similarities
and need editing

ps i just noticed that Elis Vermeulen has kindly named me in her blog. it's a tag thing where one has to reveal seven things about oneself and recommend seven other bloggers.
i'm not really into the whole award thing
but it's very kind of Elis to have thought of me
so i'll just recommend all of the folks in my blogroll
[you'll have to scroll down a ways to find it]
more than seven
and as to revealing?
well the handwriting above probably gives away far too much as it is....

afterthought....i've written cherry blossom! they were plum blossoms....


  1. such a lucky find, a feather and a shard of blue and white ceramic,
    and on that piece of Japan I see a tree inside of a house
    or maybe a tree inside of an arrow pointing the way.....beautiful.

  2. yum yum yum yum yum yum yum..... your blog is like chocolate.. and funnily enough, your handwriting reminded me of syrup.. :-)

  3. the Japanese revere their pottery shards--
    I recently returned from Tucson Arizona where a largest rock and fossil show in the world takes place in Feb. I came home with rocks and fossils of course-- but also a simple necklace with a Anastasi pottery shard that is 800 years old.
    you should make your pottery shard into a necklace.

  4. Thank you for the walk...I so love to walk and I have never been to Tokyo.

  5. On every trip I have made to Japan something wonderfully unexpected happened.
    Ilove the man playing his flute.

  6. :) good way to handle an award like this India.
    I wanted to ask you, heard rumours you are coming this way this year. Are you?

  7. beauty in the mundane..

    and the colors are all very muted and natural too. Is it rainiing everywhere in the world??

  8. snowing again in Tokyo this morning ...

    and as to 'this way', Elis, i'm not sure
    wafted through Denmark in January
    planning to pop up in France next April
    who knows where the petals will drop next?
    all i'm sure of at present is that i've a lot of tree planting to do next winter to compensate for all this wandering!

  9. Out of all the things I would like to find on the ground in Japan, a shard of blue and white pottery would be at the top of my list. It was meant to be!