Sunday, 7 February 2010

more detail

when you step back a bit [taking care not to step into something]
you get a better idea of what it really looks like

as you can see
the nest of this bower bird
is impressively cluttered

the iPhone takes quite good snaps
but it's more fun with

not quite as good as a Box Brownie
but rather easier
to fit into a pocket


  1. really wonderful workspace! i may take the liberty of showing this to my very virgo daughter who rejoices everytime i recycle or reorganize. tell me, if you will, what's in the blue vessel, overlooked by an angel?

  2. that's a rather sulky brew of [natural] indigo which i am attempting to coax into life by natural means
    ash water, molasses, incantations
    it's taking its time
    and is a temperamental beast
    offers me the challenge of exploring new ground
    in search of the slow hand blues
    it's an experiment
    if it works
    i'd like to apply to our indigenous blue
    'indigofera australis'

  3. No wonder you can make/create/coax all those extraordinary marks onto have a REAL workspace.

  4. i, too, have incantations. not repeatable!!!

    will you let the vat know that magic from far away is encouraging it?

    when i made paper from birds' nests i wasn't sure it would happen especially after my wasp nest paper disaster. but it worked.

  5. So this is the place where all the magic happens. Can't help myself but i still like the atmosphere.

  6. I love the walls....I see how you can cook up luscious colors in this space.

  7. such a collection of pots et al under that BIG AUSTRALIAN SKY....sigh!

  8. I love this place! Something about it just says "creative". I only feel creative if all my "stuff" is around me. You too? I wouldn't mind spending a few days/weeks/months in an environment like this. Cozy!!!

  9. I'm sure that there is a tale to be told of how the angel came to be presiding over your wonderful workspace - and I'm afraid I'm too curious to be able to resist asking the question....

  10. have you seen me..the little red robin high in the tree?


  11. an inspirational space
    the integrated lace
    and dye of life thread
    soul and body fed

    Thanks for sharing this. Love & light Lindsey (part of the

  12. So very many places to stop and mull and stir, a true alchemist's play ground! -Jayne

  13. ah yes, the angel
    decided to come on my journey
    some 19 years ago
    since then her wings have been knocked off
    by boys playing football in the house
    clumsily repaired by me
    she holds a candle
    and thus lights early winter mornings
    and late summer evenings
    good quiet company
    always supportive
    never too critical
    just there when needed

  14. just for fun--the virgo said, "yes you showed me on the video, is that the outside?" when pressed about the creative accouterments, she said, "drives me crazy!"

  15. My camera is more like a brownie box camera, must get something more compact at some stage. Nice work space Indi.