Tuesday, 16 February 2010


today [on this side of the whirled] is February 16
another Phoenix day slides by
the 27th since 1983
and there is, i think, a new moon
a good day for announcing new beginnings
here are a few

firstly, Elaine Lipson of the Red Thread Studio
has launched a splendid new initiative

given that the two textile retreats planned for Mansfield [Victoria]
in November this year
seem to have filled themselves before i've even had a chance to mention them in a newsletter
[apologies to folks on the mailing list]
it seems timely to announce a special retreat in rural South Australia

'enfoldments - the traveller's notebook'
will run from September 5-10, 2010
on a lovely property near Strathalbyn
it will be live-in
in simple dormitories
we will be permitted a fire for our brews
and my favourite cook will be preparing delicious meals
to sustain us in our work

if this interests you, please drop me a line through my contact page


  1. Not sure what Phoenix Day is....an Australian holiday? Asian?
    The Slow Cloth site is *very* interesting and a worthwhile discussion. I'll not join Facebook though, too much time on the computer means less time in the studio.

  2. Ahhhh, Elaine and I have friended each other on FB and found we have a connection with you and a few other artists. Love this world.
    My motto this year (stated only yesterday)is: Work more, stay off computer more.

  3. I like the name 'enfoldments' sounds like a wonderful retreat for working and meeting like minded souls-- wish it was closer!

  4. Oh if only, if only, if only...how can I make it work, how can I get there, how can I make this happen? Pondering, pondering. So, so far away but I have wanted to visit Australia for as long as I can remember - one of those "life list" things. India, may I ask which airport one flies into?

  5. p.s. dearie me, I got so carried away with dyeing dreams in Australia that I forgot to say the cloth pictured here is mighty beautiful.

  6. yes, the cloth above looked lovely. until i clicked on it and it became crazy beautiful. wow. WOW!

  7. thank you for your nice thoughts on my work
    nearest airport is Adelaide [Australia's nicest one, too!]
    Phoenix day is my personal anniversary that commemorates emerging unscathed from the Ash Wednesday fires of '83
    and yes, the computer is a time monster
    also a very helpful assistant in my work
    and of course
    a bridge to the rest of the whirled
    speaking of which
    if anyone knows of a nice lakeside house somewhere in Canada/USA that might be rented for a short time by someone wanting to organise a retreat there in the Fall of 2011, do let me know....

  8. Enfoldments ..... sounds intriguing. The cloth above is exquisite.