Wednesday, 10 February 2010

adrift in tokyo

sometimes life feels like a game of musical chairs
you know
where everybody skips and dances while the music plays
and you have to quickly find a chair when the music stops
or you're out of the game

this time when the music stops
i find myself in Tokyo

in the park behind the Senso-ji Shrine in Asakusa
a man quietly and thoughtfully tends a conifer
trimming back the foliage with slow but sure movements
bunches of needles fall into a cloth placed ready on the ground

he takes his time
that which is cut
can not be pasted on again

he realises i am watching
and gives a gentle smile
before turning his full attention
back to the tree


  1. wonderful pics here-- know how you feel as i was in Kyoto in October-- loved everything and everywhere I went-- but hardly anyone spoke English and at times felt overwhelmed-- but also saw some beautiful gardens and temples and shops and fabric and crafts and .. well you are finding the same stuff--only in a big bustling busy city.

  2. p.s. happy to find the Handeyeblog too

  3. I remember Asia as very clean... there were men scrubbing the white lines on the street with acetone. Lovely peeps from the street! -J

  4. Fancy finding yourself in Japan. You are on the move. When I've played musical chairs I never wound up in such wonderful places. Brilliant photos. Thanks.