Thursday, 21 January 2010

dog therapy

it's been a long day
trekking from Copenhagen
down to Göttingen

delays in planes and trains seem to be the norm at present
[so much for setting one's watch by them]

getting a bit of dog therapy tonight
looking after an old friend
while his folks are out to dinner
[dogs are more fun than polite conversation]

but too tired to deal with downloading camera pix
photobooth [yay for Mac]
will just have to do


  1. Dogs make much more sincere conversation, and have appreciative table manners... your adventure sounds large.

  2. What yummy treats are nestled in that pack?

  3. He must be ancient indeed by now and so nice for you to spend an evening with an old friend.

  4. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in my experience, can give to us what a dog can give, so I am glad you are getting. I hope you are not missing your dear fur friend at home too much.... Safe travels onward!

  5. you mis your dog and yes dogtalk is the best there is.
    Sleep a little bit longer must not get overtired

  6. there is no other love than that of a loyal k-nine companion. and oh the conversations.... how true and entertaining. In memory of my own one true love, Dyna Dog taken from me last September. Honored to have had the privilage to share 10 years of my life with Dyna, she still keeps me in line. Oh but the grief!!! ITs time to find a new frien, before I forget how to love.