Monday, 12 October 2009

found at sea

click on the picture to go and see work by Imbi Davidson
'lost at sea'

beautiful paintings on found mailbags

and while you're there have a look at this

blanket dyed with fencing wire and Allosyncarpia

another one of those instances
where amazing people
wander through one's orbit
in the guise of students
but really
i think
it should be the other way


  1. Today I spent a few more hours looking at different art blogs and there is a considerable amount of interesting artwork to be seen.

    Especially in the originality of how materials are being applied and your finding of Imbi Davidson's work is a prime example of what I mean. Who would have thought to reuse mailbags as a surface and now I am wondering what I did with mine from the post office.

    The more I view all these wonderful blogs, I feel we finally have entered a new form of expressing our artistic vision.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  2. I've just spent a week felting in Grafton, and admired some saffron colored wool that a classmate dyed with onion skins.. so beautiful.

  3. India, thanks for the link. Imbi's paintings are great and I'm particularly intrigued with the blanket.

  4. I'm following the links right now. I am already star struck by Imbi's work. So happy to have "met" her through your blog. Thanks India.

  5. Just, thanks for sharing, as always
    much love Martine

  6. Love those paintings--the cool colors and the texture makes me think of upcoming winter days. Thanks for sharing

  7. I follow Imbi's blog and am in awe of her work-- so dynamic and powerful.

  8. ahhhh shux y'all....India, I'm glad you posted the link to grandma eucalyptus - allosyncarpia. Will have to send you some.
    In a mailbag...xxxxxxx
    ps. thankyou. said pooh.

  9. India,
    Is it my imagination or did you change the background color of your website from brown to black?

    And sorry you can't communicate with me except via this format as I don't have a blog yet. I always want to start one, then end up browsing everyone else's like "The Artist Within" above.

    I am intrigued by Imbi's work. I do rust dyeing myself.

  10. Imbi, i'll be lurking in the bushes by the post office waiting for that mailbag
    yes Darcy, it was black, then brown for a while
    now back to black
    "a change is as good as a feast" [ as Gerald Durrell said in "My family and other animals"]

  11. Thanks for the heads-up on these image makers...ever more inspiration. -J

  12. i do like this work. thanks, india. thanks.

  13. Amazing art, thanks for the links India.... It is all so interesting....