Wednesday, 28 October 2009

did somebody mention that good things come in threes?

third time lucky, again.

i'm really beginning to enjoy collecting the mail.
the presence of windowed bills and suchlike
is being mitigated by much more interesting things

today i found a parcel from Aotearoa
which contained
sox in a box

knitted by the amazing Jo Kinross
who not only organised the workshops in Nelson
[in May this year]
but also gave me the hemp dress that has become my
'daily drive'
now with a small 'boro' patch
and wearing its second layer of dye
solidago canadensis + eucalyptus crenulata

and the sox even came with their very own repair kit!


  1. Seems like the heavens and your friends are showering you with well deserved blessings.

  2. I suspect you are a giver of gifts on a daily basis and thus, the urge to reciprocate arises. Smiles all around.

  3. It appears Christmas has arrived early . . .

  4. you're a tripple 'bofbips' (haha, something in Dutch meaning you're a very, very lucky person but if you want to know what it means literaly than it is hard to explain...) xDorie

  5. and now as an extra bonus i've learned a new word


    it sounds like a perfect name for a small but special sweet spiced Christmas biscuit...
    may have to do some wild experimental cooking and invent an appropriate recipe

    thanks for the inspiration, Dorie!

  6. bofbips indeed. you are one lucky woman! maybe greatly loved?!

  7. oh you luck bofbips person.....receiver of beautiful well deserved gifts x

  8. Dorie has said the word and it has a really beautiful and happy meaning.
    But for me, i would love to see the hemp dress that has become your daily drive and all the boro patches and all the solidago and eucalyptus layers.
    Maybe you make me a bofbips too?

  9. You are reaping what you have sewn - a perfect harvest!