Tuesday, 22 September 2009


a watercolour day with storms and puddles and muddy rivers
flowing across the road
just perfect for a walk in the park

and the best weather for looking at plants
in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

no fairweather tourists filming the lilies
just happy Kurrawongs
and cheerful ducks
pootling about in the raindrops

on the way thither
dodging giant splashes from urban SUVs storming through the water
like Stormtroopers on their way to some
imaginary Front
[they'll have to get another can of spray on dust, he he]

i heard another sample of idiocy on the wireless
that Australian farmers [about to be penalised for the emissions from their ruminant stock]
can't claim credit for any trees planted prior to 1990
apparently the Government has already included those in their
'stocktake' submitted for Kyoto

so if your farm is full [of trees] and you want to claim carbon credits against potential ovine or bovine flatulence
then as the policy stands at present it is apparently legal to chop them down
and replant with seedlings

who cares that standing trees [and coal, for that matter]
are the best means of storing carbon

nonetheless, despite muttering about carbon credits from one side of their mouths,
those in power are still subsidising the woodchipping of old growth forests in Tasmania

click here to visit the Wilderness Society's page and view their video...

oh, and the icing on the cake is the suggestion [also picked up from the wireless] that in the event your farm in burned in a fire you may well find yourself paying an emissions tax!


  1. The lack of reasonable logical thinking of politicians is the same everywhere-- especially here in the U.S.A. It is best to go back to the rainy walk with the ducks and the puddles.

  2. Yes but what can one expect when the country is run by fowl mouthed puritanical (?oxymoron) drips.

  3. All this concentration on farms, while the government continues to support the burning of brown coal. Makes you wonder.....

  4. Oh, to be one of the ducks, puttering around in bliss! -J

  5. from Mark Perry at Carpe Diem: ..."taxes and regulations are almost always distortionary: because people and companies can change their behavior to avoid or circumvent them."

    The weather sounds lovely.

  6. oh my.

    the time when all that roots shall fly, and all that flies shall root.

    witches and crones stir their nectar of the place. ah, humor will tilt the planet and then what laughter will replace the logic.


  7. This burping cow millarky annoys me badly!.. It's a blatant cop out to shift the blame somewhere else so governments don't actually have to do anything... ggghhhaaaaaa!!!

  8. The idiots rule. My humor lost and despair lurches Victorious!