Thursday, 18 June 2009

take two

this time i do make it to Golden Gate Park. some of the locals are very friendly indeed...

i visit the de Young Museum, keen to study the textile collection. 

that particular section is closed. hmm.

i'm doubly grateful to the Universe for diverting me on my first attempt...but hey, the architecture of this building alone is worth a visit 
clad in a copper skin

and with a tall tower so one can see the whirled from above the tree-tops [monster eucalypts close by and not a cocky in sight]

near the foot of the elevator are some exquisite objects that cast delicious shadows. the creator is a San Franciscan. foolishly i didn't note her name.

outside there is an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture 

a series of stones through each of which runs a squiggly fault line that also traces a path from one island to the next. i've borrowed their picture cos mine was full of people 

detail of a 'cloth' constructed by African artist El Anatsui. it's made from the aluminium caps of whisky bottles joined with copper wire in a format that references kente cloth

remember when his work draped a building in one of the Venice Biennales?

later walking down Haight on the trek back to base camp i find more art underfoot


  1. you are walking down my memory lane and I am also enjoying it

  2. I've always loved Andy Goldsworthy, and good to know he has something a tad more permanent there. Your travels bring back so much nostalgia for San Fran... I loved the place and have been twice...

  3. Your mother said I may like your blog. And I do. I like it very much.

    I am sorry to hear of the death of your uncle.

    Renee xoxo

  4. sometimes there is so much new information you bring upon your posts, that I will learn more than I did before. Thanks for those 'gifts', specialy like the Kente. xD