Tuesday, 16 June 2009

have cauldron, will travel

the alchemist has taken to the skies again...last seen at sunset gathering windfall leaves on Russian Hill at the corner of Larkin and Greenwich. sadly the wee cauldron is struggling a bit on the reduced diet of 110 volts!

but in the meantime there are bouquets to bestow...firstly on Qantas who surprised me with an upgrade to bizclass on check-in. thanks, oh giant flying Skippy. it was lovely.

and then another bouquet to the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco who also gave me an upgrade - meaning i'm spending the next three nights in a king-size bed in a spacious room on the eleventh floor with a lovely corner balcony and windows that open AND a delumpshous Japanese soaking bath [in which i am about to immerse myself]

on the way across the Big Blue Pond i felt obliged to test if knitting is permitted again. 
it is. photographic evidence below.  

what bemused me on arrival though is the endearing optimism of the local border guard. i won't put the image here for fear of being flung out of the country on my ear but do they really think that 
those people who are actually drug addicts or [and this is as it's printed on the form] perpetrators of "gross moral turpitude" or espionage agents are actually going to tick the "yes" box on the wee green incoming passenger form?

and while we're on the subject of green, here's the obligatory 'view from the hotel window' - an illuminated garden from the point of view of a passing pigeon


  1. Hi India, love those knitting needles! Thanks for your comment I enjoyed the week immensely. The house is steaming here with a brew of eucalyptus platypus, Coen often thinks that his mother has a strange cauldron but tonight he actually thought that I said we were having platypus for dinner. Debbie.

  2. You always manage to capture the whistfulness that hangs in the air all around us.... That last photo is strangely captivating.. :-D

  3. I'm sure you know how relieved I am that you have had such smooth sailing and are ensconced in a place conducive to R&R although I know you have work to do.
    Have the best of times and bring back gazillions of deguerotypes...

  4. Your words put a smile on my face. And your knitting, you'r so inventive.
    Enjoy your stay.

  5. you yourself are a green pigeon...i think some of your feathers have a orange glow

    a carrot kiss

  6. hello my dear, tis wonderful to hear your melodic voice again. and that knitting, hmmmm. Am dying to be dyeing. Sigh. Have fun. Looking forward to sharing your travels here in blogland. Imbi lands Thursday. Will let her sniff my cardigan which when caught in a rain shower the other day smelled heavenly. Just like platypus! (hehehe Debbie, that comment had me chuckling).

  7. Congratulations on being put up at the Kabuki.

    If you have time while in S.F., try to check out Clarion Alley in San Francisco's Mission District. You won't be sorry - 826 Valencia nearby, a tutoring project/pirate store, is also worth a look.


  8. Sounds like the universe is treating you like a Queen! enjoy your adventures and just love those knitting needles

  9. A lovely story of travels. I like the knitting needles too. The mischief in me wonders what would happen if you ticked all of the boxes on the incoming green form :)

  10. Dear Inspiring spirit, keep on knitting your way across the various states of the states and keep on sharing your found treasures with your grateful friends

  11. I do enjoy your travel tales, India....and I must say you are stirring up some wanderlust. I wish wish wish I could just get up and go!

  12. After having had my wooden needles escorted by security from the plane more than once, I am running a victory lap around the kitchen in your honor.
    We SHALL knit!

    Perhaps this is another example of guerrilla knitting?