Tuesday, 2 June 2009

following a piece of dried marmalade along the map

shortly after 5 am on the 26th i pootle off to the airport
driving in fog
and in the dark

a nice person at the checkin desk
smiles sweetly when i make noises about
a window seat 
right-hand side of plane
in front of the wing

and so later i gaze happily at the alps as the aircraft heads towards Wellington
after a while there are clouds
thick clouds
like a fat feather quilt rumpled over a big bed

the next day dawns golden at Nelson
where we work at Fairfield
a beautiful old house saved for the enjoyment of the community
by dedicated workers who restored it
and run it with passion

despite standing on the brink of winter
we find beautiful leaves to dye with
steam wraiths play in the winter sunlight

sunset comes early so my evening wanderings begin at twilight 

the bare branches of Liriodendron tulipfera echo the patterns of the little rivulets traversing the mudflats exposed when the tide of Tasman Bay runs out
i am too mesmerised  by that view [some while later] to take a picture

golden sunsets look much warmer than they are
the snow sneaks up quietly
in the night
dusts the landscape like someone
sprinkling icing sugar over grannie's velvet shawl
secure in the flying cocoon
i gaze
and shoot
and gaze some more
flying south
via Invercargill
to visit Gore


  1. Wonderful aerial shots...windows must have been clean...Love the dustig of snow and the quiet times. Hope allelse is going well.
    I wish yu would enter this post in My World, you can link through my post. So many people would enjoy your adventures.
    Love ma.

  2. The life you portray on this blog always mesmerises me. I have a vision of you gliding your way round the planet dressed in golds and reds, wheeling a handcart full of pots and fragrant bags full of nature.... :-D

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos and the serene poetry of your travels.

  4. the golds and reds are there, dear watercats...but well-hidden during wanderings under a sturdy strider-coat composed of several repurposed woollen blankets, adorned with a cost silk velvet collar and dyed camouflage green
    handy for melting into forests unseen...

  5. Wonderful pictures - I had to do a double-take because, if it's early summer for me, surely it is for everyone on the planet! I need to get out more.

  6. I hope you enjoy your stay in Southland. I love the big sky and freshness of the landscape but then I was born and raised there so i guess i am biased.

  7. what a wonderful journey you are on = thank you for including us all

  8. free as a bird, longing for weigthlesnes, disappearing in the wonders of nature

  9. what beautiful pictures, happy wanderings :)

  10. methinks i'll have to borrow your rangers attire me friend!! Looks icy...strider coat and epic quests to the land of cold for me soooon, gonna see snow for the first time!! Yay. Make snow paintings. wander away, looking frorward to seeing you in sept - treasure hunt away arrrrrrrrggghhhhhh

  11. Gorgious foto's you show there India.

  12. i love that comment about the sunset...winter sunsets have such hot colors...i have always noticed that.

  13. India, you must be rather exhausted with all the travelling you're doing. I'm enjoying your photographs. Love the old house with the steam wraiths.