Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Tumut is a pretty town...with a few quirks. that haze in the picture above is due to the chaps at the Parks service starting their annual burn-off just in time for the Festival of the Falling Leaf

must have been quite a challenge for HC Stenning to have laid this stone, especially as the rest of the building consists of timber-framed corrugated iron?

the railway station lies abandoned [and yielded a treasure trove of iron fragments]

could have happily taken the incinerator home...

a nice juxtaposition of interestingly textured walls

a deliciously leopard spotted fragment of wool sliver, dyed whilst resting in a colander inside a pot of leaves...


  1. I thought the leopard spotted wool sliver was actually a freshly baked flat bread :)

  2. I remember Tumut as a place of mischief, as a student I was caught in a mens dorm...had to climb out the window...couldnt do that now, also found it the coldest place on earth.....and OUTSIDE TOILETS!
    I am sure your time will be much more fufilling

  3. What wonderful sunny weather you had in tumut. Hmmmm not sure about the spotty wool, although it is a beautiful rich tone. I particularly like the shadow on the tin wall. That little camera of yours is so handy isnt it.

  4. no climbing out of windows for me...

  5. I love the sluggish animalistic slop of the wool piece, it looks like a primordial stodge creature about to crawl out of it's pond... and the stone..lol! an interesting looking place, thank you!