Sunday, 26 April 2009

on the loose in London

it's quite surreal, being in London again after 26 years.  you can find the big picture easily enough, just google "London images"

here are some little details that may have escaped general notice...

for absolutely luscious fabrics [and a warm welcome] visit 

44Berwick Street
London W1F 8SE

it's a wee shop-on-the-corner with rack upon rack of sumptuous and seductive dress fabrics

not so far away from the ragtrader is Liberty's of London. tis a gorgeous building that is a sensory delight to explore...from the wee carved frogs on the balustrades to the [and this was a big surprise] lovely felt carpets rolled up in bundles.

wandering along a road in Golders Green i found an old friend
Berberis darwinii
a noxious weed in New Zealand, it was being cultivated in a front garden. it's a most rewarding dye plant, giving yellow from the flowers and roots and lovely purples and blues from the berries

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  1. I loved Liberty's and could have spent so much longer there. Gorgeous felt carpets and those luscious fabrics....yum! lucky girl!