Sunday, 26 April 2009

in case you're watching, Ma

my dawn walk took me through Golders Hill Park where i found many old friends...


  1. Bright spring images on a dull grey rainy winter-like-autumn day are very welcome and greatly appreciated, I am grateful for all I receive, especially friends travel tales in words or in images. Dye surrounded by spring colours

  2. the travelling friend is also grateful...for all the kindly thoughts and poetic contributions that float in by magic along the way

  3. Lucky you, meeting your green friends. I wander if your luggage won't be too heavy when you're going back..all those beautifull stuff you met.
    Curious if you see something of Londons so many people.
    have a good day!I'm sure your mother will be a little bit envieus

  4. i have remained blissfully unaffected by all the people running about...brewing dyes deep within the crypt has had my full attention

  5. Oh dear the sights you see ...
    Sweaty runners and Lycra
    not a good mix
    Thanks again India
    very much
    I will treasure the memory of
    Hampstead Heath
    "The Compost Heap!!"
    the gifts you gave
    and the wonderfully pleasant atmosphere
    and beautiful people
    :) :) :)

  6. What wonderful travels, a welcome relief from a cold rainy weekend. Thanks.

  7. Dicentra spectabilis, wild strawberries, Anemone blanda, what more could a mother want?
    Sorry I have been off line for so long, you had more internet access in parts freign than I in the wilds of Victoria.