Monday, 13 April 2009

dreaming of barefoot forests

when it's dry and dusty at Easter [and should be soft, misty and damp underfoot here at this time of year] the alchemist retreats into dreams 
luckily the solidago in the ditch by the road-to-somewhere else is just as vigorous as it ever was
despite the Big Dry

and despite the generous applications of weedkiller sprayed on by council workers
so i've been harvesting in passing
and have a green cauldron brewing

meanwhile felt and stitch and lovely fragments of cloth have been coaxed together in a makebelieve mossy carpet 


  1. This sounds interesting and looks beautiful.

  2. all my little love ones show me their new faces, the solidago, rubarbe and all those others which don't give me their English names..but I'm dancing in support seeing their efforts to grow.

  3. Yvette you'll soon have hypericum blooming [st John's wort/ johanneskraut?] along all the railway tracks...
    it's one of my favourite "weeds" to pick for the dyepot

  4. oh, these are lovely. Can almost feel the softness from here. Beautiful textures. What else could be expected from a green cauldron:>)

  5. stunning cloth. you always surprise me with more beauty.

  6. Fantistic green. Wonderful texture. The moss we long for. Never thought a weed would be so precious. Happy travels my friend.

  7. oooh lah! i am green with envy, this looks like an amazing adventure. lucky peeps. knitting furiously as the cooler weather gets ready to settle in. between feeding knuckles and the tribe that is. i am walking again, awesome. so happy, will be able to bend soon and pick up stones again. what is better than some new egg shaped stones. wow.

  8. kiaora Ahipara Girl...good to hear from you xx