Saturday, 28 February 2009

there and back again

i've been there and back Halls Gap in Victoria for a marathon 6days teaching and to Ararat for the opening of 'planeta'. 

the detail above is of a sample from the 'mapping country' class. a rich sticky brew from a bagful of eucalyptus bark collected in Swan Hill by a student...from the tree by the veterinary surgery. with no other appellation it became known as "the vet's bark" 

more pictures will come soon meanwhile here's a lovely link from Toyoko Sugiwaka co-author of Handmade style: Felt ...#69 goat and cat


  1. What a lovely piece of poetry
    Thank you India

  2. I am enamoured by this poem.. it immediately made me want to paint a goat and a cat... and possibly link to this for a post down the road.. do you think it would be ok?...
    It is so special also that the writer and you are connected by way of your book..

    I also enjoyed "the blind man" and "Into the wood".. Thank you for telling us of these...

    but I can't fail to mention that the "vet's bark" is absolutely amazing.. it is such a visual treat.. I wish I could touch it... it is so rich with content....Thank you again...

  3. I'm sure Toyoko would be happy with a link...especially as she has a new book coming out soon!

  4. My Mum took part in this mapping class in Halls Gap and has not stopped talking about it. It has given her a new direction and came at a time that she really needed it. Thank you.