Wednesday, 11 February 2009

could be worse

it's bloody dry here at Hope Springs. all five dams are empty, so are the soaks and the remaining stock [down to a third of the usual headcount] are relying on water from three bores. 

rainwater is rationed and the lick-spit-and-promise style of bathing [as practised in the lower house] is rivalled only by the Queen Victoria method [described by my mother as a three-point landing, go figure] which is now the custom in the house of my parents just up the hill.

however considering that the 26th anniversary of my "phoenix-birthday" looms large next week i'm well aware things could be a lot worse. ["touch wood" she says while knocking firmly on her head]

that said i am mystified that reporters of the appalling fires to the East still refer to them as "the mighty forces of Mother Nature" or similar nonsense.

the three main causes of bushfires are usually Men, Women and Children -  and in that order....

our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering as a result of the terrible firestorms in Victoria.

to assist the victims via Red Cross please follow this link 


  1. Please let us all know how we can contribute to those in need. I cannot imagine the horror of the situation for so many people in Victoria.

  2. thanks Patricia...I've pasted in a link to the Red Cross above.

  3. We feel this disaster very closely as the homes of my daughter's ex-family were lost in Kinglake days ago.. the people have escaped but they lost everything...
    As my home and animals were also totally lost to fire years ago,(and I know this tragedy has descended on your family too in years past) my heart goes out to the many, many families that this disaster has fallen on.. It will be so difficult and they will wonder where to start... they have to be so strong to continue... I wish them all great strength...

  4. what a nightmare.glad at least to know that you are ok.