Monday, 8 September 2008

magic monday

on pootling into the village this morning to collect the mail from the post office i had a delightful surprise...a sumptuous parcel full of chocolate samples from Green & Black's awaited me.

it appears the company had found me via my website and (well, this is what they said in the accompanying letter) decided i was a "person of taste and style involved in the fashion industry" (clearly they haven't espied me at the end of a day's sheepwork) and sent me their chocolate to try.

and it is delicious. i'm usually strictly dark when it comes to chocolate but must admit their vanilla-infused white stuff is pretty seductive too. they concluded their friendly letter with offers to support future events with yet more yummy samples, fingers crossed they consider WinterWorks (next year's symposium on sustainable textile practice) an event worth supporting!

here's a link to their website, on which they have kindly posted some rather tempting recipes...


  1. What delicious looking chocolate, so creamy my mouths watering.

  2. Just have too comment on this one...chocolate looks amazing and with the potential support for your future events, even better!Love following your blog...

  3. ummmm, chocolate. And are they offering free samples at winterworks, or would you buy and serve? I think you would need to taste test them several more times.

  4. regular taste testing to ensure continuity of quality is a must, i think...i figure if we buy for general consumption we might just be able to convince them to supply us with enough to share among the goody bags as well!

  5. Hallo tumbleweed, that chocolate looks great! :P
    Also, Edelweiss sind auch bei uns sehr selten!
    Have a nice week! Greetings, Maria

  6. mmm, green and blacks is fantastic! I'm a dark girl too, but their slightly darker milk chocolate is devine.