Monday, 15 September 2008


goodness knows where my Pa found this one. i'm still cackling. aloud with a strong german accent (as my paternal grandmother would have done...)


8 Protein
200 g Puderzucker
1 Lemon (n), of it the bowl
1 Msp. Zimt, of it the bowl
150 g Almond (n), unpeeled rubbed
40 g Flour

For the cream:
� litres Milk
150 g Sugar
30 g Puddingpulver, vanilla or strength flour
2 Eigelb
250 g Butter
60 g Palmfett
Kirschwasser, for tasting

For the lining:

40 g Apricot (n) (Marillen) - jam
1 cup Fondant,
knows (icing)Cocoa powder
some Cherries,
kandierteAlmond (n), planed to the Verzieren

The Eiklar to rigid snow strike and by spoonfuls the sugar add, afterwards the snow always well deflect, Zimt and lemon bowl in addition give. The snow is to have a very tough consistency. The rubbed almonds with flour mix and into the snow carefully stir. On wrapping paper 6 rings with a cake tire mark. Apply on it �the paste �into same parts. Bake in centralhot pipe the soils immediately light brown, afterwards from the PAPER loosen and with the cake tire the soils make even. Set thus, drauf and force away. (I hope I have myself understandably expressed) particular cooling to leave.Cream:2/3 of the milk boil up. The remaining milk with the others added (sugar, vanilla powder, Eidotter) smoothly agitate, with the snow rod into the cooking milk stir. Boil up briefly, then to cool down leave. Kokosfett melt and with the butter schaumig agitate. The cooled down pudding cream by spoonfuls in addition give and well mix. Taste with Kirschwasser. (the pudding cream should not be Kn�tchenfrei, press by a filter and then with the remaining added mixes, the cream should be beautifully smooth), The most beautiful, cake soil to the side put. Afterwards, which coat and set five cake soils one on the other with cream. Last turn and operates the beautiful soil on the last cream layer put. These then with warmed up Marillenmarmelade thinly coat.Coolly place (not into the KS). Afterwards with the easily warm glaze and the typical Esterhazy sample covers pulls.

good luck with that one!


  1. Oh my God, I put you to New Zealand! So sorry about that! Of course its Australia! :)
    I've heard of people mixing Austria and Australia, but Australia and New Zealand, that's new to me :)
    Here in Austria its sooooo cold since Sunday. 9°C in the morning and rain, rain, rain. And snow above 1.200 m ! Funny, isn't it? But I can come to you and watch your spring flowers grow and bloom ... That's what blogging is good for, isn't it?

  2. the weather here has been much the same, Maria...and don't worry about the mix-up...i spend so much time across the ditch that NZ is practically my second home!

  3. I sit here screaming with joy. This is exactly my mothers tong. She came to Holland as a german girl to marry my father, a very young dutch boy. She speaks dutch allright but never managed to write it. Oh India, i feel like i had some Kirschwasser. Thank you.

  4. it is my pleasure, Martine! the 'kuchen boden' to 'cake soil' (google's magnificent translation) still has me cackling into my coffee ;)

  5. Priceless! I've been listening to instructions just such as these from my Ukrainian mother-in-law for 35 years.....!