Tuesday, 5 August 2008

those hands is my hands!

idling in a bookshop recently i nearly fell out of my socks as i recognised one of the pairs of hands on a hitherto unknown book.

they are mine.

flicking through the pages it became apparent that my enterprising publisher (Murdoch Books) had collated projects from 'handmade' (a series of softcover how-to books on subjects ranging from quilting to papermaking to beading to feltmaking and a lot of things in between) and reprinted them in this very nice hardbound tome appropriately named 'textiles'.

so of course i sent them a mildly surprised (but friendly) missile. mind you they were fully within their rights to reuse the material...the text i had written for them had been signed over for a flat fee-per-word giving them full book and film rights. i was happy with the contract then and the contentment holds good...as the proceeds from that book 'handmade style: felt' funded the purchase of the camera with which i shot for Eco Colour.

today at the post office i found myself in receipt of a lovely parcel...a copy of said weighty tome, sent to me with compliments by Murdoch, bless them. it's a nice book. i can confidently recommend it as a useful starting point for those who wish granny had taught them how to '_________' (fill in blank space as required.

and it has a sturdy set of brown farmer's hands on the cover.


  1. I saw said book recently and was about to buy it when I realised all the images were familiar! By now I have most of the Handmade series and sadly don't need a compilation of the lot!
    Of course my favourite is 'felt'

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog, it took me to yours, those books look inspiring, more for my list!