Wednesday, 2 July 2008


for those of you who were curious to know what emerged from the recent cauldron, here it is.
a little like a rough woollen landscape, which sadly becomes a bit of a mudslide when hung on a dummy. back to the drawing board, i think, and another attempt with a lighter weight cloth...those leprotic-looking circles were supposed to be wee pointy peaks that retained their shape! my suspicion is that this cloth has been treated with 'superwash', a process that while it doesn't inhibit dye take-up certainly plays merry hell with the other attributes of wool, particularly that one of wool remembering the shape it was dried in; vital to creating a sculpted form!


  1. I love it! Sorry it's not pointy enough for you, but I think 'mudslide' is still a cool effect. Happy experimenting my dear friend.

  2. ooo...I looove these hues of for the shape,well if you didn't tell us you were unhappy with the outcome, I would never say this was not a success. This dress as movement and reminds me of Autumn, somehow. Something the Autumn fairies would wear while celebrating the Indian Summer, here ;)