Friday, 18 July 2008

fuel for thought

here's some interesting reading for those who have been pondering the plight of the world...peak oil is upon us, they say (click on the link, it's worth it).
thank goodness we've still got a few horses in the paddocks.

unfortunately a return to horse-powered transport is likely to bring back Dickensian conditions for these beautiful animals, as unskilled and thoughtless owners used to going where and when they want (at speed) thrash extra mileage out of them. it's bad enough seeing the tourist carriages in Melbourne being trotted thoughtlessly on hard roads; let alone the ghastly conditions one finds horses in; when wandering in Asian countries. rib-thin horses pulling sulkies at a Palace in Hyderabad come to mind, not to mention those poor Welsh ponies used for racing in Vietnam. depressing thought.

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