Sunday, 15 June 2008

new heights of idiocy for beaurocracy

whilst in Canberra (our nation's capital) last week various gems of governmental gossip floated past my shell-like ears. the usual response is to chuckle, stifle a yawn and order another Margharita...but the following piece of nonsense is too ridiculous to be ignored

apparently some bright spark who clearly has too much time on their hands has decided that farmers also need extra entertainment. the plan is that we are to weigh all of our stock individually on a quarterly basis, advise the tax office of the total weight and then be taxed on the estimated methane output.

every farmer i've shared this story with so far has given the same response ...'if that's the plan, we'll sell the sheep/cows/chickens/pigs/wildebeests and plant trees instead'...and that's our plan as well

enjoy eating your tree-flavoured cereal in years to come, washed down with soy 'milk' because there won't be any steaks, chops or bacon and certainly no yummy milkshakes

soylent green, here we come...


  1. Well, there’s a lively discussion here about the subject.

    I’m sorry, but all I can think of to say is Bull Shit!

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  3. thanks for the link...discussion is good!
    and just for the record...we have 23 cows, one bull and their chillun (they're the ones who go to market when they become overly rumbunctious teenagers, and then only if they're really obstreperous), they live on a treed grassy paddock and ae fed supplementary hay when required i.e. if it's too dry to grow much OR if it's freezing cold in winter. no grain, no meatmeal derived from dead sick sheep (that's where Mad Cow Disease came from).
    about 30% of our 470 acres are planted with trees, some for agro-forestry, some for the dye-pot, some just for pretty.

  4. oh, and one more thing...the removed comment above was my own...didn't spot a silly typo before i hit the 'publish' button...