Thursday, 1 May 2008

secret gardens

San Francisco has a plethora of jewel-like gardens tucked between its streets. here and there are sets of steps from which magical corners can be seen while leg muscles are tested to the limit

i'm willing to bet that very few of the residences along the Greenwich or Filbert steps boast grand pianos...and if they did then only as a result of herculanean feats of strength and balance as simply everything that goes into a dwelling here has to be carried in....step by step by step


  1. I'm burning calories just looking at those steps. :)

  2. nice images, thanks for the look. I have a friend somewhere in NewZeland but have lost track of him.

  3. I love your photolog. Keep those pictures coming

  4. I love San Francisco! I walked up Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Knobb Hill, and Lombardy Street when I visited in the fall. I actually tore a knee meniscus somewhere along the way and had to see a doctor when I returned home --but it was worth it!

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