Saturday, 17 May 2008

the heavens have mercy

the quality of mercy is not strained, but falleth like the gentle rain from heaven...give 'em an inch and they'll measure it? this time it was just "give 'em an inch and they're jolly grateful" and so is the earth as she soaks it all up (Andy Goldsworthy's stone river pictured above does not admittedly have much relevance to this post, other than the name...but I'll paste in whatever I want, thanks)

most folks (myself included from time to time) consider the dry times in Australia to be droughts. suspect a radical shift in thinking is indicated here. MOST times it's dry, in most places here (remember South Australia is after all described as the driest state, in the driest continent). we should be considering dry as the normal state of affairs, taking the rain as a bonus.

and i do.

stone wall in the rain...not by Andy Goldsworthy


  1. wonderful! did you dance in it?

  2. as it happened the rain coincided with the delivery of 18 tonnes of hay that required unloading...i DID get rather wet...

  3. The hay you unloaded one bale at a time? I love water, rain, lakes, rivers. To live in such dryness requires a different eye for beauty.

  4. living in the dry wasn't a matter of choice, it was simply (to paraphrase John Lennon) what happened while I was making other plans. someday my drawings of a lakehouse (a work in progress since I was 10 years old) will be realised...

  5. I just realized how late my raindance was. Glad you got a shower anyway.

  6. Nice photos!

    Brings to mind Edith Piaf singing "Heaven Have Mercy". :)