Monday, 24 March 2008

lunar tunes

i've always found it somewhat ironical that the patriarchal church that went to such lengths to undermine women and reduce them to doormats still calculates the timing of Easter (the name itself nicked from the fertility festival Oestre) according to the phases of the moon.
not only did the church encourage the burning of women at the stake for such crimes as being able to heal sickness with herbs they also labelled the number 13 as unlucky. why? because it roughly corresponds to the number of moonths (moon months) in a year which in turn roughly corresponds to the number of times women (if unaffected by modern environmental pollutants) might reasonably be expected to bleed in a year.
and because this bleeding was considered rather unnerving, given it could be quite dramatic and yet women didn't usually die of it, the whole process (although quite normal) came under a cloud. must have been embarassing for those big tough guys, to have to accept that we all have to have mothers.


  1. it is still is! most men i know are terrified of the idea of mothers. btw i had my first go at eucalyptus dyeing this weekend and it worked! such a magical colour

  2. dyeing those eggs is quite simple (traditional Latvian method)..bundle eggs, leaf and onion skin. cook=magic

  3. This post is responsible for this girl's upward curl of lips and a glee in the eye...must have been very hard for an institution to swallow up the fact women held such miracle in their womb-the blood of life. And so they tried to chain us with words and rules...Fools! Didn't they know nature always prevails...

  4. And the fact that these mail clerics wear DRESSES???