Saturday, 29 March 2008

kickstarting the memorybike

'watermarks' opened a night or so ago and already a vindictive review has appeared in cyberspace. years ago this would have generated much wallowing in the pit of despair...these days i'm rather more philosphical and tend to be mildly pleased that (a) someone has bothered to go along (b) they got so excited about what they saw, that they felt compelled to fire up their computer and exacerbate their repetitive strain injuries by typing page upon page of text.

'made ya look, ya dirty chook' was a popular saying in grade one (in the sixties)...and flitted through my mind again just now. funny how a crap review can send one on a toddle down memory lane...

a little later the tone of my day was re-elevated by finding my name in a sentence alongside Rei Kawakubo, a designer whose sometimes challenging work i have long appreciated. just what was needed to spur a venture into tidying up the atelier for the next project...


  1. I left a comment in reply to a review I came across. Somehow this person translates beauty as being things that are only neat and tidy and new. I get his point but he obviously missed the whole point. Still, each to their own. I would have loved to see this exhbition! All the pictures I found online still cannot translate the joy and pleasure one gets from viewing your work. I for one am a fan, as are many others here in the East Islands. :)

  2. Your on-line pictures always make me want the real thing. I keep forgetting I want other people to own their truth, even if it hurts my ego for the moment. My truth is as true as theirs, but only if they are allowed theirs. But your speaks to me. And that's the truth.

  3. I loved Wendy Lugg's response to this review. So articulate and non-threatening. I would have told him where to go!!
    If it helps, it sounds as though he has little knowledge of textile art and so is hardly an authority on the subject!