Thursday, 13 March 2008

jonnie lends a paw

i work hard on an overnight commission for the Hemp Gallery. Jonniecat decides to lend a paw. whenever a piece of cloth is laid on a clean piece of floor so i can gaze at the pattern or take a photograph very few seconds elapse before Jonnie is in the picture. he is a bequest cat from the RSPCA. this is a brilliant notion whereby people nervous about their pet's future can make provision for them in their will to have the pet rehomed and cared for in the event of an untimely meeting with Mr Reaper. sometimes the living also find it challenging to cope and Jonnie came to us because his human pet had trouble coping with his bouncy ways (Jonnie is a bit like Tigger) and made a substantial donation to the RSPCA to ensure the ongoing welfare of the marmalade tiger. in his past life Jonnie lived in a small gardenless unit in the suburbs. it is difficult to imagine him there now. he loves the farm garden and has made many nests under rose and lavender bushes. he also loves his little friend Martha the catfishweaselbear. they roll and tumble together rather a lot. fortunately for the Hemp Gallery, Martha misses this particular opportunity.


  1. great cat. And your fabric. words can never match it.

  2. Darling cat! You are both lucky to have found each other.
    Beautiful piece of cloth! I would love to know what its going to be used for. Such a lovely shade of green in the leaf print. I am amazed it keeps its colour but obviously you have all sorts of techniques to set it.

  3. hehehe, i'm back. cool orange stripes on that cat, is that a special shibori/euc. technique??? The cloth looks fab too. Lucky Hemp Gallery.

  4. yep, it's tricky, wrapping cats but you have to admit he IS a lovely colour...;)
    and Robyn, no nasty chemicals were needed to fix that colour, it's all Mother Nature's magic!

  5. I find cats wonderful creatures and even though my cat, Painted Lady has a habit of getting between me and the keyboard, I cannot image life without her.

    Thank you for sharing not only your art but also Jonie with us.