Sunday, 2 March 2008

homeward bliss

there's always something magic about coming home and this evening is no exception. with the sun setting behind me and the roof open (well, at least until i hit the dirt road) and Dire Straits pumping through the sound system it is sometimes difficult to keep the leadfoot restrained. home is like a magnet and is my universal destination no matter what or where the journey.

and when i finally walked in the door and opened the suitcase...Martha the catfishweaselbear made it very clear i was to stay.


  1. coming home is indeed the best part of going away.

  2. Cute cat, the way she's perched there on your stuff. :)

  3. Ah..."home is like a magnet" indeed :) Nothing beats the familiar smells, the shoes lost around the corner and bare feet that know the wood by heart, ...and a wise pet who knows better than we do where we belong;)