Tuesday, 26 February 2008

slings and arrows

photograph: Tony Lewis

we thought we’d made magic on opening night but it appears that Alan Brissenden who writes for The Australian may have had a bad prawn (or perhaps consumed a plastic beaker of the Princess Bar’s oxymoronically flat ‘bubbles’); for his review of ‘seven’ was, to say the very least, bitter. Apparently he thought my costumes ‘grubby’, was cantankerous and nasty about the choreography, didn't have his hearing aid in properly so missed the dialogue and completely misinterpreted Dan’s lovely stage design.

other reviewers have been rather kinder. (each highlight there links to a different review).

there are lessons here; not least that one should not be unduly troubled by what others think.

and that we all see the whirled through very different eyes.


  1. Ooooooo .... I wanna get up close to those costumes, touch them, feel them, put them up to the light, cause I know that's where the magic is. That's something else isn't it ... when fabric is combined with movement, the human form, light and music. When the lights dim and the crowd holds it's breath. That first sound and the first movement. I love drama - can you tell. All that anticipation. And that fellow, he sounds like he had constipation. Love you and love your work.

  2. The picture of those costumes are lovely. Wish I could see the production.