Tuesday, 29 January 2008

there's no place like home

i'm home again, and it's good, very good indeed. warm welcome on the paddock as well as the usual convulsive border collie greetings. and all those cat backs firmly turned, signifying they're not taking any notice of the prodigal's return.


  1. Silly moody cats. Must be nice to be home. Dyed up some nice fabric (big pieces cause they're in my own pot in my own kitchen)and now have a half dozen green and yellow pieces of cotton and silk. It's amazing the variation of colour one gets from just onion skins and an old bolt. I like this. It's so simple. I am glad you are home. If I gave like you did that week, I'd bolt to a quiet spot on the earth somewhere I could be alone. Agree about the funny wool sign. I remember itchy wool singlets, blankets, socks etc when I was a kid. Funny I stopped wearing wool and have come back to it only recently via felting. Love the blog. Keep posting. I love your meanderings.

  2. cats have now relented and are being complete sluts, for want of a better word! i agree, onion skins are fantastic in the dyepot...some say the mouldier, the better (just don't breathe in the spores)
    off to hear Joe Cocker do his bit this evening...suspect there'll be a story in that, too..