Wednesday, 23 January 2008


the Waikane river beckons on this perfect day...rather like Goldilocks' porridge, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. yesterday's wild winds have blown away and blue skies smile. we wade barelegged into the water, trailing lengths of silk like seaweed over the stones. later, armed with our bundles, riverwetsilk wrapped around found spontaneous plants (more prosaically described as weeds), riverstones at the core we wend our way back to the studio, an aromatic haven full of steaming dyepots, perfumed leaves and jewel-like samples.


  1. Dearest Miss India

    I was there today
    At the river with you
    Wind whispered across the water
    Rocks scattered underfoot
    Mother Nature offers up her best
    For those with eyes to see
    And hearts wide open
    All her glorious offerings
    Beauty in the simple things
    Brings us together as one.

    Rachelle T

  2. Hi. Your words are lovely. I'll keep reading.