Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Christchurch earthquake - and a kind of silent auction [and giveaway]

some of you may have observed i have a soft spot for New Zealand.

these are dark times

the people of Christchurch have been getting the rough end of the stick. not only the big earthquake last year but also nearly a thousand aftershocks since
and then another big one yesterday

so as my way of helping i'm running a kind of silent auction. i'll give an ecoprint Milkymerino TM travel blanket [retail value about $750] to the person [anywhere in the whirled] who makes the highest donation to a NZ earthquake charity by the ides of March.

email the proof of your donation [in the form of an official receipt or photographic copy thereof]

along with your name and mailing address


here's a link to the Salvos

and to the Red Cross

[but you can donate via whomever you wish]

and to make it fair for those who can only donate modestly, i'll throw in a lucky dip and do a random draw from the receipts as well the blanket giveaway..someone will get a mystery parcel


  1. your heart is as big as phar lap's...

  2. mmmm eco dyed blanket underness..
    and the ides of march is my pa's birthday X

  3. thank you so much india - I heard on the radio just now that the Christchurch people need money donations not goods, so your very generous offer to raise much needed dollars is spot on jo xx (Nelson, NZ)

  4. I wonder about our blogging friends near by.

  5. Bravo India...
    such a wonderful place and a very dark time...

  6. so far one lovely donor so far stands to score the blanket AND the mystery parcel....

    [and thanks Sammiam, i hope they don't put it in a jar...]

  7. thanks India - we think of you as our Kiwi over the ditch. Your support is precious

  8. a total of $572 AUD [that's NZ$770] raised so far through these pages
    thank you my friends for your generosity...

  9. Thanks for your efforts from one in Christchurch getting rattled around while writing this.
    Regards Phillipa

  10. i've donated, and made a link here from my blog, hopefully one or two more will send some cash.

  11. ur amazing. thank you for all the love. the kids and i have been around working like busy beavers rounding up non-perishable food, water and meds to send to those down south via trucks, shipping containers and buses that our church had ready and were redistributed on the ground on arrival. we also have spent time with friends who have family in the affected areas here in wellington. one lady had all her baby gear looted, but we were able to provide her with all her and her baby's needs via the crew on the ground in christchurch. a nice spin off a terrible event has been the unity of our country rising up to help right across the board. . trying to bring some comfort and to be a part of the solution. you know us, try and keep us away. love u india. xxx

  12. Phillipa here again.
    Would you be able to point your followers who are soooo generous to my blog.
    Im organising making Snuggle dolls to give Christchurch NZ a collective hug.
    At the moment if anyone wants to email me for more info It would be great. Addy is in my blog posts "Christchurch Cuties"
    Thanks again for your help in this very shakey time.

    Regards Phillipa
    Christchurch NZ