Saturday, 21 August 2010

found, stitched and dyed

those of you who kindly followed me over to my website [and back again] will be aware that i've been cogitating about a new idea. i've been having a dream about a whirled/world-wide sewing circle for some time now

nurtured by the sewing circles i see form
quite naturally
in each class i have the honour to teach

at first i thought this could require some sort of financial subscription from participants
but after reflecting for a while
i decided to make it completely open

i've created a new blog especially for it

found, stitched and dyed

i'll be posting stories related to sewing and mending there
as well as images and text contributed by people participating in the project
and information about stitches

hope you'll find time to swing by, i've been a bit stunned by the kind interest shown already


  1. I will check it out. I've had fabric on my mind lately.....

  2. may all your dreams come true..................

  3. all the colors and fibers and textures and stitches--the mind reels!

  4. this sounds like the most wonder/ful gathering, stitching and dyeing together - a loosely woven cloth encircling the whorl'd...k.

  5. this is just perfect... you are so generous... i wish i could have the opportunity to study with you in person one day.... but this is the next best thing!
    thank you so much!

  6. wow India, the next best thing! Will hop over to see more of it, thks!

  7. i have had a stitch project going since i last saw you, this will keep me going and back on track. so exciting, will see if anyone else in the region wants to hook up and form a sewing circle here. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! so excited!!!!

  8. wonderful,
    maybe it's a response to hand made in general..

    I'm checking it out.