Monday, 4 July 2011

my friend roz hawker

every day i wake up to this view

i've deliberately made the photo a little fuzzy
that's the way i see the cloth when i wake up
the image only shows a detail

it's a soft silken thing
stitched and dyed
dyed and stitched
by my friend Roz Hawker

affixed to the wall by little magnets
it moves when the breezes blow in through my window
open year-round


will be teaching a workshop at Beautiful Silks next year
you'd be mad
not to sign up


  1. wow. this one looks great, too.

  2. Oh... how lovely .... Roz is a clever one. Lots of tricks up her sleeve... good to hear she is doing workshops too!

    And can I say ... welcome home friend... I scanned down your page of wonderful travels... I lost track somewhere there... and in fact have failed to visit the blogosphere of late.... too much doing!!
    Lovely to read your warm greeting today... a good week to you...!

  3. What a gorgeous piece. I agree--I would be crazy not to take the course if I lived in your neck of the woods!

  4. I've signed up for one of your workshop. Good new India, I found a copy of Second skin here in Australia. It's in the mail to me at we speak woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh you lucky lucky girl to wake up to that piece every morning - fuzzy or not.

    Having no electricity, I've not been visiting here as often as want. It's good to spend a moment lost in your words and images. Thank you for warming my heart on this day. xx