Friday, 16 April 2010

Eyjafjallajokull....days or months?

when pootling about the whirled i have sometimes wondered
just what i might do
if the political situation changed
and it became difficult to get home again
i never considered volcanoes...
if the eruption in Iceland continues
then the consequences are likely to be
very interesting

these streaks across the sky might become treasured memories
instead of visible reminders of aircraft exhausts


  1. Hi India, not sure how you deal with mother nature, she seems to have her own ideas about things.
    Political situations are just as unpredictable, we were walking every day in Kaho San Road in Bangkok only a few days before the shooting broke out last week. Guess you just need to wait and hope for the best. Good Luck Debbie.

  2. Hi India, I hope you are safe and well, and that your talent flourishes wherever it lands. I often think of my grandfather. He left/fled his home country for a better life. I have his genes, it's always an option

  3. Perhaps more people will be forced to slow down and put things in their pockets. It will be interesting to see how long the volcanic ash persists. I hope the best for those who are affected.

  4. The last one apparently lasted for 2 years!! Now that would really help the environment and force us to think differently about why and how we travel!

  5. Yes, it's very quiet here in the sky, in the Netherlands. Many travellers are waiting at Schiphol Airport. They will have to stay another night because the cloud of ash is still above our country. And I just heard on the News that tomorrow planes will not be able to take off... Poor people that will be their third night... and funny detail a vulcano expert from Iceland is stranded here too.
    I hope your at home now.

    It shows how small we are compared to nature/mother earth.

  6. imagining someone from a far away island making her way back home on an ocean liner gave me happy images of long stitching hours on the deck
    which led me to think about how much more precious the announcment that said person has decided to travel to Europe for a workshop would be if there were no planes "tearing"the sky as we say in Greece
    and then that this feeling of being close because of the internet is, of course, an illusion
    but there are many ways of being close, thankfully
    oh yes, here in Greece the birthplace of political, the statements of the mount are treated as political, not always in jest.

  7. John Cleese has dug up an old joke [in regard to having to take a taxi from Oslo to Brussels]
    "How do you get God to laugh? Tell him your plans"

    i'm wondering whether Mother Earth has had enough, been scratching lately like a dog trying to get rid of pesky fleas

    we had an earthquake here in South Australia last night [i slept through it like a bear]

    time to bring back the days of sailing boats and mindful travel...

  8. Yes she's up to something with all those tectonic plates rubbing together, there's something exciting about us not being able to do a damn thing about it.

  9. i just got told of a french couple who are taking 10 years to walk around the world....

    that is slow...makes me breathe out

    ahhhhhhhhhh. time to slow down....(maybe)

  10. I have a dear friend, who always says that she feels very out of sorts when she first arrives somewhere after a long plane journey. The rest of us might just call it jet-lag, but she says it's because her soul travels by sea, and it takes a while to catch up!

  11. Amazing how many people I know who've been effected by the volcano in Iceland. Superb skyscapes, India.

  12. these were strange days - it was so quiet here, almost heavenly with only hearing the little birds. But it makes people start thinking again about the dependant of the iron bird bringing fresh fruit from the other side of the world....

  13. cool photos.
    my husband is stranded in London at the moment. But at least there's lots of good museums there. :)

  14. It makes us aware how little we are comparing to the bigness of nature.
    Lets learn learn learn!
    Belgium....I'll be there!!!!!

  15. I'll be there..deo volente ( to speak with John Cleese)

  16. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing! I am so pleased to have found you (through Donna's site in fact...Layers). Your profile picture immediately intrigued like a clumsy fly I sniffed and tasted and fell right into your magical web.
    From: one happy fly
    (New Zealand).

  17. again at the orange TAFTA forum, your book

    hurtled out the door..

    and I have just discovered the magic of avocado pit for red..

  18. excellent photos - what's most interesting about these eruptions is that they stopped all flights in and out of the UK and you suddenly find yourself realising how much we rely on modern technology. What if we couldn't have it any more??

  19. it's been strange lately, hasn't it? Steampunk almost seemed to be becoming true, right here right now.